FAQ's for DuaShadi

FAQ's for DuaShadi

1 - Do I have to pay for Matrimonial Services on this website?

You can Free Sign-up on this site for all matrimonial services provided by our website. You only have pay while you want to extend your services.

2 – What about security of my information and pictures?

On User Dashboard, you have an option to hide your picture for other users. Once you find someone interested in your profile, then you can review and open your image access for specific member.

3 - I am looking a Pakistani girl for getting merry, but I don't find enough profiles here?

Most of the people in Pakistan feel hesitation to post their sisters/daughters profile because of our culture. This conversely never reduce your chances of finding an appropriate match. You may upload your profile and hopefully several bridal proposals will be contacting you soon!

4- How are premium memberships selected?

The premium profiles are at decision of admin of this website. To be eligible for premium membership, you must have to post your own picture and must have full description of yourself and desired life partner.

5- How can I Deactivate/Activate my account?

You can Deactivate your account from your dashboard after Logging in. Then just have to click the option "Deactivate Account". This will deactivate your account. If your account is already deactivated, you can Activate it again by clicking “Reactivate Account” from your Dashboard. Please keep in mind that your name other details may be appearing in Google after you deactivate your account. Google index pages of our website after a few days. So please be persevering after deactivating your account.

6- Fraud or Scam Accounts:

If you find any member fraudulent or scammer, please open its profile and click on "Report” button appears below the user profile picture. We will check it and If found that this member is fake or scam, we will restrict it within next 24 Hrs.

7- Why my account is not Activated after 48 Hrs

If your account is not activated for last 48 hours. Then there could be one of the following reason:

- You were using a proxy while opening your account. Most of the people in Pakistan use proxy software for browsing on internet. At that time their IP address shows to be out of Pakistan. Unfortunately for security reasons and in order to maintain our records we don’t activate any such account with abstruse IP.

- You are using a general picture like of some celebrity, flowers, wedding ring etc.

- Someone had earlier used your details like cell number or e-mail to abused our services. Unlikely, we never activate an account using details that were previously abused.

If you think that you do not fall under any of the above described criteria, please Contact Us and we will look in to it.

8- I have deactivated my account but it still appears in Search Engine.

Once you deactivated your account on our Matrimonial Website at www.duashadi.com.pk It will take few days to be disappear from Search Engine. Please understand that all Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc are not instant. They will delist your account page on next visit to our site when they don't see your information on our website.

9- Why We Can't Delete our Profile.

Your profile will never be deleted permanently due to security and record keeping. If you have deactivated your account, this will not appear in our site even in search and after this will be disappear from Google Index in few days, generally no one will know you ever signed up on our website.